About RBI Transporation

RBI is a family run delivery service based in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Offering the best local and long distance door to door, rush, and sameday pick-up and delivery service you can find. We deliver pallets and boxes of freight and much more. Anything from a handful to a van full. If it fits in a van, ship it in a van. We offer our expediting courier pick-up and delivery services 24-7-364.

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Where reliability is a must

Our office is located in Washington Township, Michigan just outside of Detroit. RBI Transportation is an expediting and dedicated delivery company with years of experience. What sets us apart from our competitors is a strong relationship with our customers. We pride ourselves on being reliable, prompt, and friendly. We work hard to exceed your expectations.

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Where quality meets great value

Because we are from detroit we have experience going to the big auto plants of the original big 3 and their parts suppliers. Manufactures are a big part of our deliveries from tool & die companies, gear companies, prototype companies, to speciality steel companies and the plastic industry. Also we work in the printing industries with paper die cutters, bindrey and printering companies.

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Where the future will take us

At RBI we're always looking for new opportunities. Our moto is to never coast because you can't coast up hill. Whatever your delivery needs are, our drivers are capable of getting the job done.

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Where we can help

Using our cargo vans allows us to offer very competitive rates. We specialize in getting important cargo to their destination promptly. Give us a call. Give us a Try.

Cargo van used by rbi transportation